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Baoding Changdi Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, formerly known as Baoding Shuntong Power Equipment Factory. The company is located in Wuluohou Industrial Zone, Qingyuan County, Baoding City. Located in the Beijing-Tianjin-Stone triangle area, the expressway extends in all directions and the transportation is convenient. The company is mainly engaged in the development, research and production of lightning protection grounding and resistance reduction materials and lightning protection products. The company undertakes the design and construction of various lightning protection grounding projects, large-scale grounding grid design, measurement, construction, and related lightning protection, anti-static, etc. Technical consulting services for various projects.

Since its establishment, Chandi Power has always adhered to in-depth research and development as the core, fine production as the basis, excellent after-sales service as the guarantee, and high-tech professional products as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and through deeper technological research and development to achieve product technology The combination of innovation and product practicability has steadily entered the mainstream camp in the field of lightning protection equipment.

The company has developed a new generation of physical resistance reducing agent CD series, high-efficiency resistance reducing module CDM series, CD ion grounding electrode and other products. The physical resistance reduction agent, high-efficiency resistance reduction module, ion grounding electrode produced by the company. Copper-clad steel soft structure (stranded wire) grounding wire, soft continuous casting copper-clad steel grounding round wire, copper-clad steel stranded wire, copper-clad steel grounding wire, copper-clad steel grounding electrode and other lightning protection equipment products, greatly reducing connection points , So that the installation cost of the grounding project is greatly reduced, and the transportation and construction are convenient, and it is well received by users. It can also undertake the design and installation services of various grounding lightning protection projects. The company has a strong technical force to provide customers at home and abroad with professional lightning protection products and overall solutions for lightning protection projects. The company has excellent continuous casting copper clad steel production equipment and wire and cable manufacturing equipment. Product quality control and testing methods are complete, and the quality management and system have passed ISO: 9001 certification. And can provide third-party topic selection test reports according to customer requirements. The company's products have been widely used in petrochemical, electric power, communications, railways, aviation and other fields, especially national key projects and outsourcing projects, and have been well received by relevant departments and leaders.

"Forge ahead, pioneer and innovate." In the new 21st century, Chandi Power will advance toward newer and higher goals with a high attitude and solid steps, taking the revitalization of the national economy as its own responsibility and making improvements for the development of my country's construction industry. Great contribution!

At present, under the situation of fierce competition in the market, we are constantly updating equipment and improving the quality of products. We will meet the challenges of the new century with a new corporate image and sincere service standards.  

Our tenet: quality first, the principle of the supremacy of faith, with a new mechanism and a new starting point, strive to develop lightning protection equipment, strive to improve our own quality, and enhance market competitiveness!

Warmly welcome all customers to inquire, negotiate, and cooperate and hope that the good relationship with you will continue to be consolidated and developed!