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resistance reducing material

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Core value

"Hard work and solidity, honest commitment, practical results"

Strive for a solid corporate foundation with arduous work style, promise first-class corporate services with honest faith, and create efficient corporate performance with a practical spirit.

Business philosophy

Quality first, reputation first, management-oriented, service-oriented.

Find problems, solve problems, be proficient in the process, and continue to innovate.

Day after day, keep improving, year after year, the benefits are full.

"Integrity, collaboration, learning, and efficiency" are our professional qualities",

"Continuous innovation, excellence" is our driving force for continuous progress.

Management philosophy

"The day is over, the day is high" The perfect working attitude

Every day, Nisshin Rigo has no unsuccessful companies, only low-efficiency companies. The efficiency of employees plays a decisive role in the effectiveness of the company. If you want to build a first-class company, you must have an efficient team and inefficient. Employees will eventually become the fatal weakness that restricts the development of the enterprise! The fundamental solution to improve the work efficiency of employees is to help them overcome the habit of procrastination. Please remember that "Every day is clear" and "Every day is finished, every day is clear." Daily work is completed every day, every day Improve efficiency than the day before.