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Copper clad steel flat steel

Copper clad steel flat steel

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This product is produced using advanced electroplating technology. It has the characteristics of thick copper layer, low resistance, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, convenient installation, good electrical connection performance, good adhesion, and non-stripping (rollable thread). Its advantages are high tensile strength (high 600 Newtons/mm2), strong corrosion resistance (guaranteed a service life of more than 30 years), constant low resistance and good plasticity, and it has the same performance as copper. It has the characteristics of steel. The series of products produced by the electroplating process overcome the disadvantages of poor bonding force in the casing coating method, and can be widely used in the grounding devices of power transmission and transformation and communication lines, power stations, buildings and antennas, and can also be used in computers and other electronics The grounding system of the equipment can form a lightning protection grounding device with lightning rods (lightning rods, lightning conductors) and down conductors. The copper-clad steel grounding round wire and copper-clad steel flat wire (copper-clad steel flat steel) developed by our company can be supplied in large lengths and greatly reduce the connection points, which greatly reduces the installation cost of the grounding project, and is convenient for transportation and construction. Well received by users. The company can also provide users with dedicated grounding connectors and exothermic welding products. The company has a strong technical force, advanced copper plating production equipment. The complete product quality control and testing equipment has laid a solid foundation for providing high-quality and reliable products.

 1. Technical features:

1. Unique manufacturing process: using advanced electroplating production process, no disjoint, peeling, cracking phenomenon occurs after bending 180 degrees.

2. The composite interface adopts high temperature welding, no residue, no corrosion phenomenon on the joint surface; thick copper layer on the surface, strong corrosion resistance, and a service life of more than 30 years, reducing the labor intensity of maintenance.

3. Better electrical performance: The excellent electrical conductivity of the surface layer copper material makes its own resistance value far lower than conventional materials.

4. Wide practicability: The product is suitable for grounding construction under different soil moisture, temperature, PH value and resistivity changes.

5. The connection is safe and reliable: using special connecting pipes or hot-melt welding, the joints are firm and stable.

6. Easy and quick installation: Easy installation, which can effectively improve the construction speed.

7. Increasing the grounding depth: The special connection transmission method can reach 35 meters underground to meet the low resistance requirements of special occasions.

8. Low construction cost: Compared with the traditional construction method using pure copper grounding rods and grounding straps, the cost is greatly reduced.

2. Main technical parameters:

1. Thickness of copper layer≥0.3mm

2. Tensile strength≥600N/mm2

3. Straightness error≤0.5mm/m

4. The plasticity of the copper layer: when the ground rod and the ground round wire are bent 30 degrees, there will be no cracks on the inner and outer edges of the corner.

Bonding degree of the copper layer: After the adhesion test, except for the peeling copper layer at the jaws of the vise, the other parts of the copper and steel are well bonded, which is the phenomenon of peeling.